How my garden grows...
Friday, July 09, 2010      10 comments

So far the garden is going gang-busters. Last night picked and canned 7 quarts of green beans (picture of them getting a bath in the sink)... then there were the cukes (tho... Read more
On a roll!
Tuesday, May 25, 2010      4 comments

After that blast of fitness minutes this weekend spending two days gardening and digging out weeds, I figured I'd continue it last night. Got home from work, slathered on the sunscreen and grabbed the clippers. Finished up all the bushes and s... Read more
Weeding - and cactus picker picking
Monday, May 24, 2010      3 comments

Spent the weekend weeding and cleaning out my cactus bed- it looks great- but my arms sure don't- they're full of pickers... I just don't see how they seem to get everywhere! Some pruning left to get to tonight after work- I hope the baby bi... Read more
Making a change!
Wednesday, May 12, 2010      4 comments

It was a hard day mentally yesterday - for a lot of people. Everywhere I went yesterday it seemed I was running in to people that were upset, mad, annoyed and complaining. Before the end of the day- I had found I had turned in to one of them. ... Read more
I walked a marathon????
Monday, May 03, 2010      6 comments

So this weekend was my Relay for Life walk. Saturday it was raining and kind of nasty out when I woke up, but after a couple of hours it seemed to just be windy and overcast. I packed up my things and headed to Milford, unloaded the car and hi... Read more
Weekend of Walking
Monday, April 26, 2010      5 comments

Friends of mine have a team in the Milford Relay for Life this weekend and I'm walking in it. I am looking forward to getting a lot of steps in this weekend- and I'm hoping the weather is decent (at least no rain). I'm wondering if I should g... Read more
Tuesday, April 20, 2010      8 comments

Allowing myself a small pout here- I missed my 2 year SparkVersary! No party- no balloons- no whoooooooo hoooooooooo's... just a picture change and a 'lil blog- 10 days late. ~grin~... Read more
Monday, April 12, 2010      6 comments

My friend with cancer died this weekend. She fought a brave battle and a long fight with her husband by her side. Thank you everyone who gave me the well-wishes and kept her and her family in your prayers- you can't begin to imagine how mu... Read more
Help me!
Thursday, April 08, 2010      10 comments

There are times that it's hard to know what to share or what to say. This is one of those times. I have two friends that are battling cancer. Her battle is with the disease itself- because it's not her first battle- she has fought it before, ... Read more
A little bit about me- a chain blog-
Monday, March 22, 2010      1 comments

Thanks to Purpleally I've decided to keep this chain blog going... Not as easy as you might think! Copy and Paste into your own blog, change the answers to suit you. It's really hard to only use one word answers. Where is your c... Read more
Finders Keepers!
Monday, March 08, 2010      3 comments

I've found my inner Spark. I hit that A-HA moment when it all became crystal clear... where the motivation and drive that I seemed to be seeking was found within myself. I've found a way to keep myself on a workout schedule, to train not only... Read more
Benefit Dinner March 7th
Friday, March 05, 2010      0 comments

I've not said too much about a friend of mine who's son is struggling with Ewing's Sarcoma, but I feel the need to share this in case someone can make it. JJ has been through two surgeries and radiation and chemo treatments. He has lost pa... Read more
March Madness?
Monday, March 01, 2010      0 comments

It's March first and it's already off to a crazy start. Work continues to keep me busy and with class winding down at college I've already starting writing their final exam- look at me planning ahead. I'm not about to shove my fitness time asi... Read more

Friday, February 26, 2010      12 comments

Ok, so it's a title that's more reflective of soccer than a scale but dangit- I feel like I should be able to scream it at the top of my lungs with that much emotion! I weighed in a couple days ago at 135, but was afraid to post it, thinking i... Read more
Awwwwww I've missed you so!
Monday, February 22, 2010      5 comments

Hello again 130's, it's been awhile and I've missed you. I weighed in last week and I was still in the 140's, this morning the scale said 138.8 and it's nice to be back. Still 3.8 pounds to go until I hit the top of my maintenance range again... Read more

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