Update 10-28-13
Monday, October 28, 2013      2 comments

I have been very hit and miss with my activity on SP. (More miss than hit, obviously.) Sadly, with homeschooling, work, and the boys' activities, I have little time for social interaction of any kind. I'm going to work on fitting that in, too, ... Read more
Happy Dance
Thursday, October 11, 2012      5 comments

First off - mini goal #1 - DONE! Down 5 lbs (from when I started tracking again). My reward - a happy dance. I think I'll play Mandisa's "Good Morning" and get moving! (LOVE that song!) I have been pretty down on myself for about a year ... Read more
9-10-12 Update
Monday, September 10, 2012      2 comments

Well, I've been slacking in the workout dept since we started back to school. I've been a little depressed. I started my new job, scouts is back in gear, one kid is doing tae kwon do, one is doing soccer. I have also been downing 1-2 cans of ... Read more
6-12-12 Progress Update
Tuesday, June 12, 2012      3 comments

Well, after 12 days of working out and tracking, I have had NO weight loss. I could attribute some of that to my T.O.M., because I gained 3 lbs for a few days. I'm now back to 207. Although I have not seen any positive change on the scale, I ... Read more
This is me...but it won't be forever.
Friday, June 01, 2012      6 comments

This is me.. I'm over 200 lbs. (Honestly, it's a frightening thought.) Hardly any of my clothes fit me anymore. I'm recieving hand-me-downs from my mother - clothes that are too big for her now. (I'm very happy for her, just not for me.)... Read more
Why am I such a misfit...
Monday, December 12, 2011      2 comments

Okay, so I'm really not as hard on myself as my blog title would state. (Watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with my boys just has that stuck in my head.) I think I'm just feeling a little low knowing that I am not going to make my goal by... Read more
Another one of those "clear my head" blogs
Monday, August 15, 2011      3 comments

So, I just found out that I am in the home stretch of the biggest loser challenge with my former co-workers. 2 weeks left. That's it. And I'm in 4th place out of like 15 people. I have no idea how far I am behind the leaders, but it is my ow... Read more
Monday, August 01, 2011      2 comments

As I said in my last blog, I have been a little unfocused. Okay, REALLY unfocused. I get incredibly motivated, then life's little speed bumps always seem to throw me off course. Sick kids, baskets of laundry, and just plain off days really th... Read more
Monday, July 25, 2011      5 comments

emoticon ... Read more
Friday, July 15, 2011      7 comments

I have seen several people with side-by-side progress photos, and I must admit that I am a little ignorant when it comes to digital photo editing and such. Could someone please tell me how to do this? The only way I could figure out was to pr... Read more
Friday, June 03, 2011      11 comments

...I WORE A SWIMSUIT!! emoticon (AND I was NOT traumatized!) I have been SO ashamed of my body for quite a... Read more
Thursday, May 19, 2011      5 comments

PREPARE YOURSELF - THIS IS A LONG ONE! LOL I needed to drain some of the thoughts filling my brain today, and I thought, "What better way to do that, than with a SparkPeople Blog?!" Even if no one reads this but me, at least I will h... Read more
silly kids =)
Sunday, May 15, 2011      4 comments

So, yesterday my husband was about to take the older boys outside to play with the water guns my 4 year old received from his brothers for his birthday. My 4 year old came up to me and said, "Mommy, we're gonna take our water guns outside to d... Read more
Food discovery 5/10/11
Tuesday, May 10, 2011      4 comments

Wow!! Once you really dedicate yourself to eating healthy, you can totally feel the difference on days that you don't eat as well! ... Read more
I'm feeling it! (WOO-HOO!!)
Monday, May 09, 2011      1 comments

I have been back in the Spark world for 19 days now. I have been losing weight since mid-March, and I am currently down 15.2 lbs. My husband says he can see the change, but I haven't seen it yet. I know there has to be at least a little diffe... Read more

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