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Yes, my CPAP machine is broken and on the way to the factory to see if....
Tuesday, March 19, 2019      6 comments

They can fix it. I haven’t been using it for over a week now and before that for a week or two I haven’t been able to get a good night’s rest cause the noise it made kept me awake. I actually could not breathe at all with the mask on the last ... Read more
I think I overdid a bit yesterday and, again, I stayed home due to weather forecast.
Wednesday, March 13, 2019      1 comments

I have been feeling tired most of the day and last night I slept about 10 hours but I had low temperature reading of 92.1 this morning and have to check with my lung specialist to see if there is something wrong with my CPAP machine. I didn’t c... Read more
I didn’t ask my company to leave and they stayed for over 5 hours...
Monday, March 11, 2019      3 comments

The chair I sat on gave me a sore back and other things. We had snack break between two games but I almost asked them to leave as I really chose the most uncomfortable chair to sit on. Next time I’m going to try to figure out a better spot an... Read more
Playing Scrabble and serving afternoon lunch for 3 today.
Sunday, March 10, 2019      2 comments

I found low vision Scrabble tiles at the Low Vision Store and it makes it so much easier to play. They are regular size but are white background with black letters that fill up the whole tile. We played about a week ago and the three of ... Read more
I ran out of cash so decided to go to the grocery store where my bank has a branch.
Friday, March 08, 2019      2 comments

I was feeling so good, I walked the 1 mile home but took the bus for $1 to the store as I didn’t realize it was so warm today, it’s 35 degrees with a light wind so the wind chill is 28. It’s like summer (in MN)... I saw a jogger with shorts an... Read more
Today I saw my retinal specialist.
Thursday, March 07, 2019      3 comments

My left eye had visual acuity of 20/400 so my doctor decided to do a fluoroscien scan of both eyes. My right eye acuity was 20/25 and the doctor said it was doing extremely well. I told her I am ecstatic with the fantastic improvement in my rig... Read more
I worried about whether I could shovel snow, but....
Saturday, March 02, 2019      4 comments

I picked up my shovel from Target yesterday and dug out the crosswalk access from the sidewalk which was about 3 feet deep with chunky, heavy snow. I worked on it for 10 minutes and had to take a 10 minute break. I was determined not to give u... Read more
Able to see in right so well that I might not need new glasses.
Tuesday, February 26, 2019      2 comments

Tomorrow is the two week follow up after 2nd cataract surgery. Can you believe the surgery took only 5 minutes of operating time? I am now able to cross the street without fearing for my life and can take the city bus. I have been using a wal... Read more
I can see again! And can play piano and cross the street by myself!
Thursday, February 21, 2019      1 comments

I had my second cataract surgery last Wednesday. At first I could see only far away but exactly three days later my near vision came back and I am ecstatic. I was near blind for 4 months which came on overnight. It was a very scary experience... Read more
So happy vitreoretinal specialist gave go ahead for 2nd cataract surgery.
Friday, February 15, 2019      4 comments

My vision is so clear but am hoping I will be able to read soon. Doctor yesterday said I would slowly regain my near vision and in 2 weeks will be able to get fitted for new prescription glasses. I am expecting to be able to read and play pian... Read more
Taking it easy today but definitely need to get caught up with laundry & dishes.
Wednesday, December 12, 2018      3 comments

I need to take a nap this morning and have alarm set for noon, time to do second set of eye drops for today. I got only 6 hours of sleep last night and am feeling a bit sleep deprived at this point. Took my a.m. pills and had a healthy breakfa... Read more
Cataract surgery yesterday went well as well as follow up visit today.
Tuesday, December 11, 2018      5 comments

Everything checked out okay at the follow up eye visit today. Now I need to keep doing the three drops 4x a day for the next 3 weeks and at that point I should be able to use the swimming pool and whirlpool at the gym. In the meantime, I plan ... Read more
Getting prepped for first cataract surgery tomorrow...
Sunday, December 09, 2018      1 comments

I have done the 3 eye drops twice today, 2 more times by midnight, then NPO. It’s been a long time since I have had surgery. I think my last one was about 10 years ago when I had a redo of a hernia repair. Everything was fine until I go... Read more
Christmas shopped at Trader Joe’s yesterday
Saturday, December 08, 2018      1 comments

Got some great bargains but lost a 1 lb bag of shrimp when my groceries fell off my walker on the sidewalk at the bus stop. Next time I have that much stuff I think I’ll take Metro Mobility or Lyft. When I got home I was exhausted so I’d... Read more
Still losing weight after pumpkin soup allergic reaction 11 days ago.
Thursday, December 06, 2018      2 comments

My appetite has been poor (which is really strange for me!). I have lost about 10 pounds in 11 days, which is what my doctor has recommended for last several years. I am concerned about getting enough protein and plan to eat more fish and seafo... Read more

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