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Feedback Request: CBD
Friday, April 30, 2021      7 comments

Thinking about getting CBD edibles or oil. emoticon ... Read more
Wk 10 Weigh In
Wednesday, August 12, 2020      8 comments

This week was a hybrid from winging it to actually being mindful of when and how much I ate. I have always been someone who prepares their meals, not big on take out so it was more about quantity. Not snacking in the evening is going to be... Read more
Wk 9 Weigh In
Wednesday, August 05, 2020      6 comments

Another week has gone by with me just winging it. I am not sure why I feel that is a bad thing but for some reason I feel the need to have a regime or a diet. You need to have a label so people know that you are serious about losing the lbs. Y... Read more
Wk 8 Weigh In
Wednesday, July 29, 2020      8 comments

Definitely a week I don't want to repeat anytime soon. I half expected things to not go smoothly and that is exactly how they went and just half way. This time one of the movers did not quit mid-move they were just slow, drawing out the cl... Read more
Wk 7 Weigh In
Tuesday, July 21, 2020      4 comments

I am a day early because tomorrow is moving day and I won't be available. Not sure it effected the outcome but I may use that as an excuse. Gain: 1.8 Total: 24.4 I might have been a little looser with my eating but can't really reca... Read more
Wk 6 Weigh In
Wednesday, July 15, 2020      8 comments

Busy week so I will keep it short. Using out all the groceries in the house so as not to have to move them. Being inventive in my meals but keeping it basic. This moving business has me moving everyday. Keeping it simple has been go... Read more
Wk 5 Weigh In
Wednesday, July 08, 2020      4 comments

Busy day yesterday as we took possession of our new home! Started to move some things in that I either don't care to pack or want the movers to touch. On the food front, I have tried to just buy the basics so I don't have to move an entire... Read more
Wk 4 Weigh In
Wednesday, July 01, 2020      8 comments

I have been telling myself that once this move is over it will be smooth sailing. No more need to self medicate or ignore prescribed daily walks. But what if there is something else that comes up? And I think we all know that there is al... Read more
Wk 3 Weigh In
Wednesday, June 24, 2020      5 comments

As so the roller coaster begins. Not a good attitude I know. That is what sorely needs adjusting and will likely prove to be the most difficult. Gain 3.8 Total 18.4 My strategy now is to power thru and see some loss each we... Read more
Wk 2 Weigh In
Thursday, June 18, 2020      7 comments

Some of you may have noticed that my page looks a little dark and ominous. I have been inspired by the stormy Alberta skies. The other day Calgary received 54mm of rain in about a hour which then turned into large hail which was horrible for a ... Read more
Wk 1 Weigh In
Thursday, June 11, 2020      9 comments

It’s after midnight and I am finally getting to my accountability blog. As some of you know I closed on a new home and am now wading through mover’s quotes, scheduling lawyer appointments and home inspections etc. I don’t cherish the thought of... Read more
Accountability begins NOW
Friday, June 05, 2020      5 comments

I figured I better get on with my first accountability blog post because I have already weighed in Wednesday, June 03rd and that I decided will be my day to weigh in (so to speak) on the week. It also coincidentally is the day the purchase... Read more
The Tale of Two Wolves
Sunday, January 12, 2020      11 comments

When I pay attention to the negative voice inside of me, I can only see what is wrong. It is toxic and harmful and causes emotional and I have learned eventually physical stress. I have also learned that you become what you think about most... Read more
Babe writes a movie review
Friday, January 03, 2020      11 comments

Is changing your life as simple as putting one foot in front of the other? Over the holidays, I had the opportunity to watch the movie, Brittany Runs a Marathon which is one woman’s journey to regain her life. Let me start by saying, I ad... Read more
The Golden Opportunity to change is now.
Monday, December 03, 2018      18 comments

hit-reset-on-your-life The old adage is true, if you are not getting results from what you have been doing then change it up. I hav... Read more

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