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  • Trying to make it. AGAIN!

    6/17/2021 6:20:24 PM, by DEEDOD2006

    I'm not a blogger, I hate trying to write something interesting. But I'm giving life another try. Gonna make it? I sure hope so.... Read more

  • June 10,2021

    6/10/2021 3:14:45 PM, by TIKI898

    Warm morning on California. Sad to hear SP closing, looking to find another app that has food tracking for an android phone. My calorie count has been fine, I drink plenty of water(not an issue since son's birth in 2004). I have not joined many SP teams, I do follow many Sparkers, though I do not... Read more

  • June 9, 2021

    6/9/2021 11:13:47 AM, by CAMSEDGE1

    Saddened by the news of this site closing but I am working to glean the information that I have come to rely on for planning my daily meals and exercise. I am amazed at how long and well Spark People has run. The site has been a blessing but like so much of what appears to be is not. ... Read more

  • June 7,2021,,just saw that SP in closing August 17,2021,so sad.

    6/8/2021 1:33:35 AM, by TIKI898

    6.7.2021; I rejoined SP in April 2021, first joined in 2009or2010,made goal weight Jan.2011. Take care. Hoping to stay on SP until it closes August 17,2021. Been using the app since April 2021, easy to track food,water and read blogs. TIKI898... Read more

  • June 4, 2021

    6/4/2021 5:53:32 PM, by CAMSEDGE1

    Today was a Costco Day. I discovered that seniors could actually get a head start on shopping so that was a boon. However the farrier showed up 15 minutes early so I rushed to get cold stuff in freezer and fridge. We got Lady trimmed and I wrestled with an old ewe to get her caught and subdued so he... Read more

  • June 3, 2021

    6/3/2021 7:37:06 AM, by CAMSEDGE1

    I did better yesterday but fell off a bit late in the evening. The reason I did well early on is that I hit the ground running. I immediately began to work on making my path through the yard tracking wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow from the barn to the yard so while I did not track I know that I easil... Read more

  • June first, 2021

    6/1/2021 11:47:32 AM, by CAMSEDGE1

    Wow...June has arrived ....with more rain. It was raining so much that I didn't go downtown to garden for the scheduled workday. I prefer deadheading roses in dry weather...just saying. That's ok because there is always a window during rainy weather to get stuff done. This morning I opted for thorou... Read more

  • June 1 2021,,new book

    6/1/2021 11:31:03 AM, by TIKI898

    Started reading Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton this morning, then will read the second book written 50 years after, called Andromeda Evolution...summer reading time... Read more

  • May 31, 2021

    5/31/2021 8:30:37 PM, by CAMSEDGE1

    This is the last day of May and while I did not hit my goal, I learned a little more about myself and I am back on track. Funny part was that my weight was heavier this morning than later in the afternoon so I know I am headed back in the right direction. My cat is curled up next to me as I write... Read more

  • Weekend

    5/30/2021 11:35:55 PM, by MARGE116

    Graduation party Saturday Family gathering Sunday So-Much-Food Tomorrow is a new day, starting fresh!... Read more

  • May 30, 2021

    5/30/2021 12:16:26 PM, by CAMSEDGE1

    Emerging into a new time with big plans. I joined one of the challenge groups and there is lots to get in order before family and friends come out here the next couple of months. I spent 20 minutes just pulling long grasses and hedge parsley to make more of a path through the house yards. I am defin... Read more

  • May 29, 2021

    5/29/2021 2:57:43 PM, by CAMSEDGE1

    Yesterday was just a lost day. After realizing that the suddenly enlarging joint was the result of osteosarcoma on my livestock guardian and her subsequent euthanasia, I came to grips with the fact that it was time to let go of my beautiful but chronically laminitic and aged pony. The hooves were be... Read more

  • May 27, 2021

    5/27/2021 3:36:35 PM, by CAMSEDGE1

    Second dry day in a row, weatherwise. The wind is moderate and I spent five hours outside so I am a bit spent. The gardeners met today for the first time in months. We had a large turnout. I took notes for minutes between train whistles and semis that rumbled past at this end of downtown. Beforehand... Read more

  • May 26, 2021

    5/26/2021 4:01:00 PM, by CAMSEDGE1

    Midway through my day and I finally got my tracking done. I made it to the board meeting for the garden and picked up bug spray for around the house so that and 150 lbs of feed have yet to be put up. The hay was stacked yesterday, though and after the meeting I deadheaded half the rose bushes in the... Read more

  • March 25, 2021

    5/25/2021 2:09:09 PM, by CAMSEDGE1

    Tuesday now and early on the weather appeared fairly benign...enough that I set out for the feed store to collect 9 bales of hay. On the way which is 17 miles out I drove through sprinkles, rain and finally bright sun and blue skies. The hay purchase was without event and though I returned to overca... Read more

  • 5/24/21

    5/24/2021 5:53:07 PM, by CAMSEDGE1

    More rain! a pattern. While the plants are growing this makes being outside in my favorite environment, less than inviting. The pigeons are feeding more babies and the duck finds grazing in the clover for floaties, irresistible. The afternoon news drones on as I get ready to do my eve... Read more

  • Sun 5/23

    5/23/2021 5:48:06 PM, by MARGE116

    Was a bit surprised yesterday when I pulled in that DD #1s car was in the drive. She came home last minute because her best friend was having an open house. She and DD #2 were gone to Chic-fil-a and to do a little shopping. We were able to visit a bit before she went off to the open house. Sitting h... Read more

  • 5/23/21

    5/23/2021 3:48:43 AM, by CAMSEDGE1

    Keeping my beloved cat awake for the past hour. Retirees are just tough on pets, my cat reminds me as he quizzically taps my elbow and yawns while readjusting himself on the desk. A soft Irish tune reels as I contemplate wrapping up my early morning foray and going back to bed. One thirty occurred a... Read more

  • Was donuts and muffins the best choice?

    5/22/2021 8:03:17 PM, by MARGE116

    I was supposed to meet with three friends at a restaurant this morning for breakfast. I normally have an omelet with veggies. One of the ladies messaged last night and said she couldn't make it. She was very upset that her dog Buddy 200 seemed very weak when she got home. She had taken him to the v... Read more

  • 5/22/21

    5/22/2021 2:46:10 PM, by CAMSEDGE1

    Overcast Saturday but so far the rain is not falling. Today is a good day for some organizing so I hit the sheep fold. The tractor is handy to deep clean the mounds of spent hay and dirt which I ladled over rock on the periphery of the arena. I've established a little more order...a little at a time... Read more

  • Set backs happen

    5/22/2021 1:01:15 PM, by ROBINGILCHRIST

    I've been unable to exercise for some time now because of painful debilitating arthritis. Just getting back to it today. Its hard stepping on that scale and seeing the numbers go up instead of down but I'm not giving up.... Read more

  • Friday 5/21

    5/21/2021 9:31:04 PM, by MARGE116

    Cleaned the bathroom this morning. Moving at least a little each hour has increased my steps. Down 10 pounds as of today! Breakfast with girlfriends tomorrow.... Read more

  • 5-21-21

    5/21/2021 9:37:44 AM, by CAMSEDGE1

    Waking to a quiet morning. Possibly on the downhill side of the daily rains. Today I will garden more and immerse myself into a lush green world of tall grasses, herbs and wildflowers. I will see vining canopies where there are dead shrubs and soft private picnic spaces where there is rain soaked gr... Read more

  • 5/20/21

    5/20/2021 12:42:37 PM, by CAMSEDGE1

    Today is a tough one. I didn't sleep well for ruminating about decisions that had to be made....knowing that while I would function as an adult the child inside was falling apart. I knew at least to not do anything requiring much concentration. I have a beautiful golden livestock guardian dog wit... Read more

  • Thurs. 5/20

    5/20/2021 10:51:20 AM, by MARGE116

    I'm just over a month in on SP. I've been consistently drinking 8+ cups of water. For the most part, I'm hitting my goal steps and sometimes more, so I've increased my goal. I'm trying to get up and move some each hour, even just a little. For the most part, I'm staying within my calorie g... Read more