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Helllllooo SparkFriends! I ran my first virtual 5K this am and apparently crossed the Sahara at the MSMOSTIMPROVED 29 8USU7_TOURGUIDE
6/12/21 4:03 P
6/11/21 6:18 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 10 PATRICIA-CR
6/10/21 7:57 P
Hugs to all those outside of the USA who are not able to join the new iteration of this current site SISSYFEB48 22 PWILLOW1
6/8/21 9:58 P
6/12/21 8:27 A
Walkers, Runners, Joggers & Gadgeteers (WRJ&G) KALISWALKER 41 _WARRIOR4LIFE
6/11/21 8:53 A
Has everyone seen this? As far as I know, they have not posted it on the Start Page, but everyone ne WHITECAT19 9 SABLENESS
6/6/21 10:00 P
Time for a short trip and some sewing! #goalfeats JSTETSER 23 LIS193
5/20/21 3:49 A
Posted a photo 2BDYNAMIC 34 CD14476702
5/19/21 5:39 P
5/11/21 7:58 A
Good morning it’s tues JAZZYGF 14 SPEDED2
5/4/21 9:32 P
A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because her trust is not on the bran GRANDMOTHER20 36 GEORGE815
4/25/21 2:14 P
Our caregiver Lydia and I had gotten into the habit of eating fast food for breakfast and lunch thre CHANGING-TURTLE 15 TIGERSEYEHEART
4/25/21 1:16 A
25 Pound Down Challenge ~INDYGIRL 135 IAMAGEMLOVER
6/12/21 12:08 P
*New* Spring A-Z ~INDYGIRL 48 GWYNLEE2
5/24/21 1:00 P
4/9/21 1:04 P
I woke up sneezing. Allergies are in full blast mode. I am going to have a healthy day, between sn RUTHIEBEAR 23 KITT52
3/21/21 10:58 A
Walkers, Runners, Joggers & Gadgeteers KALISWALKER 42 _WARRIOR4LIFE
3/24/21 8:13 A
Message Removed CD2092681 9 ERIN_POSCH
3/16/21 12:24 P
Have a Terrific Tuesday Spark Friends!! FLASUN 48 JAMER123
3/17/21 11:07 P
6/5/21 12:09 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 21 GRAMMYEAC
3/4/21 9:15 P
Happy Tuesday Spark Friends!!! Hope you Enjoy your Day!! Stay Positive & Smile!!! FLASUN 41 JAMER123
1/27/21 10:41 P
You don't have to control your thoughts, you just have to STOP letting them control you! Have a terr GRANDMOTHER20 19 BANEWLAND
1/26/21 9:15 A
Resting with some knee pain. #goalfeats JSTETSER 63 JAMER123
1/27/21 10:43 P
making napa cabbage and bean soup today #foodfeats AKA_TROUBLE 5 WIZARDHOWL
1/23/21 6:08 P
Knew it was gonna be a hectic morning. Loaded my potato with an egg scrambled with ricotta cheese, s MSMOSTIMPROVED 29 PATBPRICE
1/24/21 1:52 P
Skipped the cereal and oatmeal to scramble some eggs. Used a SparkRecipe that adds ricotta cheese th MSMOSTIMPROVED 41 LIS193
1/15/21 4:09 A
Been a long first two weeks of the year already....but.... SISSYFEB48 9 TREKPURRSON
1/16/21 3:06 P
Radical self care includes PLAY time! JOYNEW 5 SPARKLINGME176
1/14/21 12:29 P
Finally in my kitchen 🥰 Turkey tenderloin, spaghetti squash with asparagus, onions and mushrooms to MSMOSTIMPROVED 22 79PODGIRL
1/12/21 1:30 P
Tuesday is often overlooked - it's not first, it's not in the middle, it's not last. Make today grea AKA_TROUBLE 6 ALLYLIZZY
1/12/21 12:54 P
Happy Tuesday, Sparklers! I hope YOU have a wonderful day! JOYNEW 17 SUSIEMT
1/12/21 4:35 P
I’ve been sick this week so life has been oatmeal, protein shakes and popcorn. Finally, made a veggi MSMOSTIMPROVED 34 CHID1972
1/11/21 6:10 P
Please pray for my 92 year old Mother who is now being tested for Covid. She has symptoms and my sis SISSYFEB48 305 TREKPURRSON
1/6/21 2:28 P
HAPPY SUNDAY Spark Friends!! What have you created beautiful today? My living room for me - becaus FLASUN 13 JAMER123
1/4/21 11:43 P
Happy Sunday SparkFamily! Finished my workout early with my fave overseers. Yoga, dance and walking MSMOSTIMPROVED 27 CKOUDSI617
1/4/21 12:53 P
Our little angel, bringing us hope in this New Year. I hope we all have a blessed SUnday. RUTHIEBEAR 169 MADEINBRITAIN
1/4/21 5:31 A
Working on the stationary bike and elliptical machines #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 7 LIS193
1/4/21 3:01 A
Putting up Christmas decorations early this year. We usually wait until after the 20th, but everyon SISSYFEB48 31 CHERRYZMB60
12/10/20 11:28 A
Post workout pumpkin and Greek yogurt parfait with granola, bananas and raspberries. Pumpkin purée t MSMOSTIMPROVED 37 CHEROKEE1946
12/9/20 8:58 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 30 MJ7DM33
12/8/20 10:16 P
Good timing! I have lots of farm produce to use this week. My lunch salad had lettuce, celery, grape SABLENESS 1 SABLENESS
11/29/20 12:35 P
Happy 😊 Thanksgiving AOKDIET21 11 PICKIE98
11/29/20 7:04 A
Posted a photo 2BDYNAMIC 33 JAMER123
11/27/20 9:17 P
Still clearing out leftovers: Pork n’ beans with roasted squash and zucchini a side of sweet potato MSMOSTIMPROVED 16 WILDKAT781
11/26/20 12:28 P
LEFTOVERS! Made a salad to make room for Turkey Day. I hope everyone is having fun getting ready. I MSMOSTIMPROVED 47 CD4114015
11/26/20 2:31 P
Be thankful every day, not just Thursday. AKA_TROUBLE 5 PATRICIAAK
11/23/20 10:55 A
A kale smoothie for breakfast #foodfeats #foodfeats JSTETSER 24 LIS193
11/24/20 3:39 A
Simple reminder for a beautiful & peaceful New Week. Happy Monday, let go of what is gone, be grate GRANDMOTHER20 26 JAWEDFAHMIDA170
11/23/20 11:31 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 25 PATRICIA-CR
11/24/20 7:58 A
My E-bike won't be here until next week or the week after. Boooo.. I will be traveling west Monday NOLAHORSERIDER 4 CHEROKEE1946
11/19/20 9:39 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 20 CATWMNCAT
11/19/20 11:15 A
This is dinner tonight; fried okra, fried green tomatoes, and chicken wing. LIL-VIXEN 12 SABLENESS
11/18/20 7:55 A
made a batch of mushroom-barley soup #foodfeats AKA_TROUBLE 12 WIZARDHOWL
11/16/20 10:16 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 32 LUSTERBEE
11/16/20 5:24 P
Got more decluttering done today. Taking to donation tomorrow morning. NOLAHORSERIDER 7 ALLYLIZZY
11/13/20 1:22 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 13 PATRICIA-CR
11/8/20 11:54 A
Good morning all, start your day with prayer and meditation! If something doesn't go the way you wan DLBEASYRIDER 14 SABLENESS
11/6/20 10:40 A
Got almost 23000 steps in so far! Took a long walk along the beach and down the sound side trail. DLBEASYRIDER 9 DLBEASYRIDER
11/6/20 12:34 P
HAPPY THURSDAY SPARK FRIENDS!! How many cups of coffee or tea do you drink in the morning???? My an FLASUN 43 JAMER123
11/5/20 10:21 P
Thanks for the invite. Let’s do it! SABLENESS 1 SABLENESS
11/1/20 9:12 A
Meeting my food challenges! #foodfeats #foodfeats JSTETSER 22 LIS193
11/2/20 3:52 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 23 SABLENESS
10/30/20 3:58 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 17 SABLENESS
10/29/20 10:00 A
I had a productive day today. Got most of the books packed for donation. Also started going through NOLAHORSERIDER 4 SABLENESS
10/29/20 9:59 A
Happy Thursday Spark Friends!! I'm enjoying my Pumpkin pie Hummus -try in your oatmeal - delish!! FLASUN 27 CGARR442
10/29/20 11:45 P
It's Thankful Thursday - what are you thankful for? AKA_TROUBLE 7 ROCKYCPA
10/29/20 10:25 P
Help avoid/assists in preventing colds, flu & Convid-19 Zinc tablets/lozenges & gargling AOKDIET21 14 EVILCECIL
10/29/20 6:16 A
Hi there. Thanks for the challenge! SABLENESS 1 SABLENESS
10/19/20 3:14 P
10/26/20 6:41 A
My kitten is so cute! I love him to bits! :-) CHRISTINEBWD 23 GREBJACK
5/7/21 8:53 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 12 PATRICIA-CR
10/8/20 12:10 P
10/8/20 11:29 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 26 _RAMONA
10/9/20 1:57 P