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7/8/14 12:34 P

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Fortunately new to this team... Unfortunately not new to SparkPeople.....

The last 4 years have been kinda crappy... lost my job of 7 years via a letter from my boss on my desk (2010)... went back to school to become a pharmacy technician (2011)... moved from my hometown 1) for a better job market 2) be closer to family and 3) because I owed a ton of money in back rent from being unemployed (Dec 26, 2011)... found a job in a locally owner compounding pharmacy (2012).... got unceremoniously fired from said pharmacy (they were looking for scape goats) 2013...

During this time I was found to have what some have termed Metabolic Syndrome X.... it is a cluster of conditions including increased blood pressure, a high blood sugar level , excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels — that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes (I am now a Type 2 diabetic).

December 2013 found a great (for me, at least) paying office job as an administrative assistant... It's a job I'm good at but don't particularly care for....

Looking forward to my 5-year plan of opening up my own in-home doggie daycare....

Speaking of dogs, I have 3 large mix breeds... brother and sister who will be 10 this summer and a 4 year old "puppy"...

I started cross-stitching while taking care of horses at a girl's summer camp in 1991 and since then have combined it with my love of dogs... recently I have created a design representing the Rainbow Bridge that can be personalized with a pet's name and dates of birth/death.... I can also do personalized projects from photographs...

Ok... I've taken up enough space here but that is me in a nutshell emoticon

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2/19/12 3:59 A

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I'm sort of a newbie here. I joined last year, I believe, but that's all I did. Now I know I have to lose about 50 pounds (at least), and I probably could do it by myself, but it's far easier if I can commiserate with someone about the difficulties I am encountering. I do love to eat -- I'm not a dessert junkie -- I am a pasta and potatoes sort of person, and giving those up are not the easiest thing to for me to do. I also like pizza -- in my defense, I always order the thin crust, and I put anchovies, green pepper and black olives on it, so it doesn't have as many calories as many pizzas do. Still. . .
My doctor recommended that I lose some weight as I have coronary artery disease and had to have 3 stents inserted last year. I also have to exercise daily, something of a problem because I have a knee implant -- the surgery wasn't all that successful and I can't walk more than a block without the knee becoming painful. I do much better with my four-wheeled walker so I try to walk 6 or 7 blocks a day using the walker and putting my little Shih Tzu on a leash and attaching it to a handle on the walker. She looks forward to that walk every day, far more than I do.
I am also a cross-stitcher and have been since 1986. I was a great fan of Shepherd's Bush Printworks for years and I have a number of charts of theirs that I have stitched, with probably 10 or 12 kits in my to-stitch pile. I have been in at least 12 round robins and in one of them, a woman had us stitch on a Quaker-style chart. I loved it, got the chart and stitched one for myself, using Gentle Arts floss rather than DMC. Since then, I have acquired three more charts, stitched two of them, and am ready to start on the third one -- as soon as I finish the German Shepherd that I am stitching for my fiancé, who raises German Shepherds and will really appreciate the effort that goes into stitching a chart made from a photograph. The ears are the most difficult -- some rows of 20 stitches use 20 different colors so it is slow going. We are getting married in June so I am hoping to have it finished by then.
I currently live in Arizona, but will be moving to North Carolina in June -- I am not crazy about Arizona, my sister encouraged me to move here as I was too isolated where I lived in Texas, but I should have just bought a place in Arlington and remained there. The 118 degree weather is a bit of a deterrent, but the real problem is loneliness. My sister's granddaughter has had 3 children since I moved here so she doesn't have much time to spend with me. Add to that the 39 years I lived in Texas, most of my friends are there (the man I am marrying lived in Arlington, too, but he has since retired and moved to North Carolina, a state where I have also lived and like a lot.
Well, I have rambled on far longer than I intended. Help me stay away from the pasta and potatoes, dear Spark people, and I'll try to help you with your weight loss, too. It's a pleasure to be here. . .

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7/25/11 6:13 P

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Reply I am! I am not so sure I can do this..I never realized how much I really ate before this!!
I am going to try though. It sure helps being able to track everything you eat. So far I am within their guidelines for the day. I think? lol I wish you all a ton of luck on your journeys!

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7/25/11 11:06 A

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We're very happy to have you join us! Just jump in and post anytime!

If you need site help, support, advice, or just want to talk -- we're here to help!

(bronzemom at 123Stitch -- body-n-progress here at SP)

Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering.
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