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5/3/11 10:42 P

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I was on a Carnival cruise in January of this year, and I think it would be quite easy to eat the 'Live to Eat' way. There are lots of choices, so you won't get bored. Also, every evening at the dinner meal, the menu gave several vegetarian choices. I wasn't on the program at the time we cruised, but I think it would be very doable.

The chocolate buffet was during the last day at sea on our cruise - no waiting til midnight!

The gym onboard is awesome, and I used it lots, including a couple of yoga classes. The classes were $12 each, but the fitness equipment use was no charge.

Enjoy your cruise. I'd go back in a heart beat - it was so much fun, and we met some pretty awesome people. Oh, and I sang at the karaoke bar a few times! Always lots to do.

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5/3/11 10:15 P

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It's been awhile since I have been on a cruise, but I found them to be VERY accomodating. There is salad and fruit galore. I agree with an earlier post to contact them in advance and let them know you are vegan or vegetarian, whichever you choose. I think you'll find they will bend over backwards to make sure you have a great time. I've been on Carnival (again it's been a few years ago) but they want you to want to cruise again. They are going to do everything they can to make sure you WANT to cruise Carnival the next time.

Never take the elevator or escalator, walk every where you go. Every time I have been on a cruise I have lost weight. Not a lot, but I didn't gain !!

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5/3/11 8:37 P

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If choose this cruise next time, you'll likely lose weight!

The most effective health-care is self-care.

Nutrition is the prescription.

You can literally stretch your lifespan by shrinking your waistline.

Nutrition and other lifestyle factors that you can choose are a more significant determinant of your health than genetics.

Filling your stomach with high-nutrient foods is like by-pass surgery without the surgery.

We are all born with an innate desire to not only survive but thrive.

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5/3/11 6:18 P

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Hey. Fun question.

I hope to go on a cruise some day (kinda looking at Feb 2012) so please let me know how it goes,

I've heard (hehe) that the fruit is the best you've ever had, especially the pineapple. I love fruit so I look forward to this. If you don't want to miss out remember the dr recommends eating right 90% of the time. So I would pick which splurges you want to have before hand (ie midnight chocolate) and plan off ship trips that have walking, swimming, lot of activity.

Also, be extra good before you go so there wont be much damage and you will look awesome before going :).


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5/3/11 3:34 P

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I've been on two Carnival Cruises with the most recent one in 2009. My suggestion is to contact Carnival to inform them of your dietary needs/restrictions for dining room meals. They should be able to accommodate you if given enough time to plan a special menu. From what I remember vegetarian meals are also available. The salad and fruit bar for lunch is an option but that can get boring after a while especially while on vacation.

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5/3/11 1:47 P

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I was just thinking the SAME thing!! I'm going on a cruise towards the end of's only a 4 day cruise so I know any damage won't be too hurtful, but I'm hoping to do it all the Eat To Live style...just another situation that I can defeat that other people would say "but it's too hard then..."

I'm hoping for fresh fruit and big salad bar...we shall see what happens!!

5/3/11 12:21 P

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It's been about 3 yrs for me, but I remember tons and tons of fresh fruit, big salad bar, and you could probably ask for steamed veggies. If I remember correctly, carnival was going to add more of the "come and go" cafeteria style stuff. The sit down dinner had awesome food, you pick your courses, but you might be able to ask for things without sauce...don't know how accomodating they can be serving 800 ppl at once!
Hmmm, I wonder if the bartender will throw some fruit in the mixed drink blender for you if you ask (early in the am before they're busy)- and tip! ;)

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5/3/11 11:28 A

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I'm one of those people who can create lists of things to worry about, just to make sure I don't run out of things to worry about. Today I'm worried about my vacation in June.

We are going on a Carnival Cruise. I know they pretty much feed people 24/7 on these ships, have Midnight chocolate buffets and 24/7 soft serve ice cream and pizza... but what about the healthy stuff?

Has anyone gone on a cruise recently? How was the selection? I tried the website but didn't find much info.

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