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12/30/16 9:23 A

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I don't account for it. I just enjoy the extra calories gone. (I'm still eating like I'm pregnant, so I'm certainly getting enough calories, lol.)

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2/10/15 3:01 P

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I added breastfeeding as a "food" and made it -200 calories so the nutrition tracker "adds" -200 calories to my total, which actually increases the amount I can eat by 200 calories. So, if I ate a 500 calorie breakfast, after I input breastfeeding into my nutrition tracker, my breakfast becomes 300 calories.

My nursling is almost 28 months old, so over two years old.I nurse on demand, and I don't really keep track of how many times. Because he eats solid food now, I don't need to deduct as many calories as someone whose baby gets all or most nutrition from breast milk.

I don't add mine to my fitness tracker because I don't have the fitness tracker linked with the nutrition tracker. If I eat within the ranges given to me by Spark without adding the 200 calories for breastfeeding, I'm really hungry and I actually don't lose weight. But, everyone is different. What works for me, might not work for you. You can try different ways to track/different caloric amounts and see what works best for you. I started by using -300 calories, but noticed that I didn't need that much for breastfeeding. It just felt like I was eating too much.

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1/2/15 10:44 P

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Hi! My son is almost 11 months and we are still breastfeeding on demand. I'm not sure of how many hours he eats, but I'd guess around 4-5. I've never timed his feedings. I heard 20 calories per 1 oz.... but I don't pump so I don't know how much he eats. I'm guessing around 500 calories as I've heard that's the norm. I've never added more calories because I don't eat more than when I wasn't breastfeeding. I would add it to the exercises so it takes away because it's calories burned.

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12/13/14 6:09 P

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Hello fellow feeding mummies!

How do you work your feeding into your eating/exercise?
How long do you nurse for each day?
How many calories do you account for?
How old is your nurseling?

I was just adding extra to my calories, but decided to start tracking it as an exercise instead. I am tracking my 16mo as 360 calories. He drinks about 3 hours a day on weekends and 2 hours per day +8oz EBM in the week.

My goal: Make sure my clothes fit!

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