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15 Ways to to Start Eating Healthier Today


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thank you for sharing Report
interesting article and comments... the comments are almost as interesting to read as the article... lots of controversy on this subject Report
Seriously outdated article 😢 Latest news 3/23/21. Pork is WORST meat you could ever choose (long list of reasons) and eliminating dark meat chicken leaves behind 1/2 the amino acids your body needs. (The other 1/2 is in the white meat chicken 😲) Amino acids in fruits/vegetables are lacking in diversity, making a balance of white/dark chicken the Amino Acid Power Pack! Report
When I moved to San Antonio almost 3 years ago, my family noticed how I always am the healthier one of the family. I prefer baked or grilled versus fried and I love my veggies. Report
Good article. Report
Just tracking my food through the day tends to make me more mindful of how much I'm eating. When I start getting close to my limit, I back off. Report
Good article Report
Thank you! Report
Good information. Report
thanks Report
Great article! Report
Great article! Report
Love these tips. While I know it's usually common sense it's still good to know they work. Report
Already doing almost all these and it is working! Report
Already doing almost all these and it is working! Report

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