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6 Sunless Tanning Secrets

What the Bottle Won't Tell You


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interesting article Report
Great Report
Good article. Report
thank you Report
I love my Mary Kay sunless tanning lotion but in a pinch, I have even applied foundation to my legs and it looked very natural! Report
I wouldn't want a lot of chemicals on my skin, but that is just me. Report
Thanks for an interesting article! :) Report
I am VERY disappointed in the heading of this article. AVOID THE CANCER RISK??? it is well proven that MODERATE exposure to the sun is healthy for our bodies.
It is the only natural way for us to produce vitamin d, which is a self produced steroid hormone. It is essential to many health related issues.
I am surprised that SP would encourage its users to put on a product that contains DHA. and many other man made CHEMICALS. rub them into your skin. and most of them no one can ever pronounce.
Well, I am no expert, but I will continue to take my chances, as you suggest, with the NATURAL sunlight.
Moderate exposure at the right time of day can help your body to produce the vitamin d needed to help with everything from digestion and weight issues, to helping with aches and pains, depression, and many other issues.
I am not suggesting anyone go out and get burned to a crisp.
But getting a moderate amount of sunlight is healthier, in my opinion than any chemical made in a lab that dyes our skin. Report
As an older woman with many "age spots", I cannot use sunless tanning products since they also darken the age spots. Boo Hoo Report
My favorite self tanner to use is Fake Bake it doesn't turn that ugly orange color it actually looks like a nice brown tan. Another good thing is that the smell is so nice its a sweet not to strong kind of smell. The price isn't that bad either. When I purchased mine I bought a pack that had two bottles because it was cheaper and I figured if I liked it enough I wouldn't have to wait for another order to come to my house. Report
I've always had the worse luck with sunless tanning. I tried it before vacation. Had a girl come to my house to spray me, and it came out very blotchy and uneven. I had to wear pants my entire vacation in the summer!! My friend had me try her self tanner and told me its not orange, it comes out so even, it smells good. I was like yeah b.s. but I tried it since it was winter and I wouldn't be showing to much skin anyway. Well it turns out it was amazing!! It came out so even and natural looking. It's a foam so it goes on really smooth. It doesn't even smell which I thought was the best thing. Its made by the same doctors who made Proactiv so they obviously knew what they were doing when they made it. I loved it soo much that I signed up as a consultant for it just so I can get the discount since I was ordering it soo often lol. I just put it on before bed, then I wake up and have this great tan. No one at work could believe it was a self tanner. They were complimenting me on how I look tan and where did I go and I told them it was a sunless tanner. They were like "what?!". Here is the link you can get it from. Just click on products then click on essentials and the sunless tanner is right there for you to buy. If anyone gets it please contact me after and let me know how it worked for you!! Report
Best "tan" of all is to eat lots of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables: which give a naturally warm colour to the skin that is healthy and natural and less "ashen" than tanning products. Report
Sounds like too much of a bother for me! Report
There are many spray only tanning salons now! Not as expensive as you might think either, very well worth it and natural looking! Report
I've embraced my senescent Victorian pallor. Beats sweatin'. Report

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