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5 Common Running and Walking Injuries

How to Prevent and Treat Pain from Running and Walking


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Thanks Report
thanks Report
I like walking better than running so thanks for sharing Report
Interesting Report
I've dealt with more than one of these problems. It is not fun. But I'm so glad that the advice that is given here all coincides with how I had to treat my injuries.

BTW, I am normally overpronated,which help destroy my knees. Previously, the doctor said that all the problems that I had with my knees was because I was overweight. None of the doctors diagnosed this until one day, a physical therapist said "of course your knees hurt, you are overpronated." Then the doctors finally agreed. Report
Good info thank you Report
Thanks Report
thanks Report
whi knew? Report
good to know Report
Thanks! Report
TY Report
Thanks :-) Report
Great article!! Report

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