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The Best Swimsuits for Every Body Shape

Flattering Styles for Every Figure


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Good info Report
Interesting...thanks... Report
Every single one of those models has a perfect shape. None even comes close to apple, pear, or whatever. Pretty insulting of spark people to do this. Why not use women who really do have those shapes? Report
It may be nice to have a variety of sized models for this type of "tip". How do you not see this as somewhat demoralizing? These girls are NOT even close to a pear or apple shape person using a weight loss app. Bad job on this one. Report funny. All your models look like they could wear anything ! Fact is, try it on, and if you don’t faint in the dressing room , then buy it. As a certified beach bum, I know that nobody really cares. Report
Thanks Report
Thank you for some very helpful tips to beautify my apple shape. I'm relieved to find that the 2 swimsuits I bought for the upcoming season were actually recommended for my shape. Hooray! Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
At my age, if anyone saw me in a swimsuit, i'm sure they'd want to scratch their eyes out!! haha Report
Better to run stills from that old 60 Minutes piece tbey did years ago showing women of all ages, many middle aged & senior, mostly all portly wearing one piece suits of the size cut by Omar the tent maker. Now that was
the type of thing many Sparkers could relate to, and the older men looked like they escaped from the rest home in some swim trunks from WWI. 🐨 Report
Yah, this article is infuriating! Use real woman in these swimsuits, not swimsuit models. Hell, even Target is using all sizes and ages of women in their ads now. This just ticked me off. Shame on Spark People for this! This is not good "coaching" in any way, shape or form! Report
What’s not flattering on a teeny body? Report
Wish we were all the size of the models Report
Great looking bathing suits with models that could wear anything in this year's line Report
Great tips for body styles, but the models that actually have those body styles would be more helpful.
The women were all beautiful wearing the suits, but they all looked like they could wear any swim suit. Report

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