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The Hunt for Hidden Sugar


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Thank goodness I'm a "from scratch" kind of gal. I bake my own breads, crusts, applesauce, marinara, spaghetti sauce, and more. I can some of these, so I have on hand. I know what's in my products! Report
Surprise that tomato soup & vanilla yogurt have the same amount of sugar! Report
There is so much sugar all around us. Avoid adding any and make sure what you buy has very little. Natural sugars in fruits should be about the only sugar that you consciously eat. Report
Sugar bad Report
The amount of sugar in ketchup is insane Report
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Wasted calories-- feeding cancer cells. Report
The amount of sugar in pasta sauce always surprises me. Best to make my own. Report
Read the labels. So many people don't even grasp portion control with sugar, great example with the pile of sugar on a plate. It's hard sugar is so addictive. Report
Too bad we love that sugar so much!!---not good for us! Report
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Thank you! Report
thank you Report
Eye opening article. Report

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