10-Minute Stretching Routine for Runners

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Coach Nicole created this 10-minute flexibility routine to target the key muscles that runners use most.

Member Comments

I’m trying this Monday! Report
This was soooo needed. Adding this to run days for SPs Walk/Jog 5k Challenge. My calves thank you. Miss you Coach Nicole. Report
Great routine. As a runner, I enjoyed that. Well done. Report
Ok Report
Thanks Report
Thanks for a nice 10 minutes Report
Thanks Report
Not a runner but you share some great videos Report
A good stretch to do before or after cardio . Report
Thanks! Report
Very helpful! Thank you! Report
Like this routine. going to start doing this after workout. Report
Love to do this one after doing any cardio. Trying to keep leg problems away by making sure I do the right stretches. Report
Used it, really felt great before, during, after my run. Thanks to coach for doing this. Report