10-Minute Crunchless Core Workout

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This Pilates-inspired workout will help you tone your abs without a single crunch!

Member Comments

Thanks for sharing Report
Great video Report
Thanks :-) Report
Will do part of it tomorrow. Its a bit too much for me Report
did this one although not the best Report
Great workout Report
Right now, I can't get down to the floor so I modified by sitting in a chair, then standing and putting my hands on the table, the wall and my knees and I DID IT! Looking forward to the day that I'm able to do floor exercised without modifying. :) Report
Leaning back is part of pt from accident Report
Good Report
Thanks for sharing Report
This one is painful for my toes. I flattened out my toes. I still got the core workout. Report
Always good. Report
So of course I begin this challrnge and I pull my back out. Not on the exercises of course. Bending down to pick up a towel! Ugh! I will have to start all over in a week or two.