10-Minute Jump Start Cardio Workout

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This 10-minute workout makes it easy to fit cardio into your day--anytime, anywhere, and without equipment!

Member Comments

73 and happy to go10 minutes Report
Not for a 78 year old but did what I could Report
I dont think this cardio is good if you need to do low impact. Report
a great quick workout Report
I will have to do the low impact hops. Scoliosis! But I think this will fun with my low impact modifications. Report
This 78 yo body can handle the stepping side to side - just barely, and not for a full 10 minutes! Report
Too hard for my old body. I will have to work my way up to this one. Had to follow at a lower pace. Report
I need to do this more often... One foot jumping is hard on my scoliosis back. Maybe I could jump if I build up to it! Report
I am too heavy to jump much. But I did my best Report
I agree with others this workout isn't for those that have trouble with constant jumping or other problems. I have a degenerative disease in my left hip and lower back and I do a ten minute once a week workout for lower back pain. I was watching it to see if I could do this and I could not do that much jumping. I already have a woman that I workout to her videos. Report
I went half way into the exercise using the low impact only exercise and I'm out of breath and my knee hurts. I think this exercise is not for me. I need to start with less impact exercises. Report
Not for seniors. At least no this one. Hurts to jump Report
Ok Report
Great workout video Report
Good workout Report