3-Minute Upper Body Stretching Routine

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Coach Nicole shows you how easy it is to stretch out your upper body after a workout.

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Good workout Report
Wow!! I needed that!!!Thanks Report
Good Report
I enjoyed this stretching routine. Report
I liked this. Report
Great video Report
Great moves, Coach! Report
Very relaxing, thanks Coach Nicole! Report
Thanks, Coach Nicole! Report
I enjoyed this stretching video, great back moves! Thanks Coach Nicole! Report
I do most of these when I stretch. Thank you for the ones I don't do! Report
Grateful for the frequent reminders from Coach Nicole to BREATHE normally. I always find myself holding my breath and not realizing it. Report
I enjoy the middle back stretch it is new to me and affective. Report
I enjoyed that stretching routine. I know that stretching is so important for our body. Report
Loved this stretching video... It felt wonderful! Report